Release Notes - Version 8

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StatusRelease DateVersionNotes
  • fixed

2021-10-288.0.1Major Bulk Comparison Performance Enhancement
Bulk Comparison feature is upgraded with heavily enhanced scanning speeds without any lag or report view errors. Scan thousands of documents 3x faster now and with 2 times less memory consumption.
  • fixed

2021-10-288.0.1Cross Comparison Report Hyperlinks
URL Cross Comparison reports have a UI improvement with the addition and fixing of the full url display and hyperlinked opening when hovering over their domain title cell in the CSV report.
  • fixed

2021-10-288.0.1Dashboard crashing issue fixed
Dashboard statistics are running at full speed. Differences in time zone settings were causing some crash issues but have been resolved in the new update.
  • new

2021-10-288.0.1Drag n Drop option
The highly easy to use drag and drop function for adding and uploading files is now available to our users. Simply drag and drop files to check online plagiarism, Bulk Text compare, or Side by Side text comparison.
  • new

2021-10-288.0.1Folder Addition in Bulk Comparison
This feature addition for mass scale text compare has made Bulk Comparison a lot more efficient and even more useful. You can add and scan all content in entire folders, the subfolders within it.
  • new

2021-10-288.0.1Full Spreadsheet Support for Business
Before, spreadsheet compatibility was only for viewing Bulk and Side by Side Comparison reports. Now, users can even load and check plagiarism in spreadsheets in all plagiarism detection features.
  • improved

2021-10-288.0.1Improved link Opening for Both HTTP and HTTPS
In the new release, there is end-life of forceful redirection http:// urls. It now has a hybrid method of using both domain protocols (HTTP and HTTPS) based on which is used by the respective URL originally.
  • fixed

2021-10-288.0.1Missing Report Sources Tickers Fixed
Issues with the source ticker, the number referencing the text to the adjacent list of matched sources, have been fixed in the latest report view in this update.
  • new

2021-10-288.0.1Official Branding for Reports
Businesses, organisations, education institutes, or anyone else can add their logos to customise the downloadable plagiarism reports according to their business and official documents. Just go to settings and add the logo.
  • improved

2021-10-288.0.1Online Report Design Improvements
To make plagiarism reports even more aesthetically appealing, the new release has made design adjustments including the view of sources, reference counter and their url alignment.
  • new

2021-10-288.0.1Preserve Document Formatting
The new update has come with yet another addition to a pleasing and easy user-interface. Users can enjoy preserved document content formatting between the entered text for checking plagiarism and the final report view.
  • improved

2021-10-288.0.1Seamless and Improved Link Opening in Browser
The default browser for opening links in the program (internet explorer) has migrated to the users default browser or the browser already open on a device.
  • fixed

2021-10-288.0.1Text Compare Score WML Inconsistency Fixed
Accurate plagiarism reports is a core aim and the issue of plagiarism score inconsistency due to a Word Match Length problem between Side by Side Comparison and Bulk Comparison has been fixed and is now optimised.
  • new

2021-10-288.0.1URL CSV Import Feature
For detecting plagiarism in websites, blogs, and online pages through URLs, entire lists of URls can be imported through a CSV file instead of typing or pasting them manually.
  • improved

2021-10-288.0.1Word and PDF Improvements
Compatibility improvements and resolving issues is part of all upgrades. In this one, improvements were made with reading and opening Word and PDF documents including fixes for files created by OnlyOffice.

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