Release Notes - Version 5

Here is the list of changes and fixes in Plagiarism Checker X.

StatusRelease DateVersionNotes
  • new

2016-02-205.1.5Export results into MS Excel
Reports can now be exported in additional and better formats. Users can export and download their reports in the (CSV format) which provides added functionality.
  • new

2016-02-205.1.5Export reports Into PDF format
Want to export your plagiarism reports in PDF? You've got it. Users can now download the Online Plagiarism and Side by Side Comparison reports in PDF format. This adds increased format compatibility for an improved user-experience.
  • fixed

2016-02-195.1.5Exclude URLs from search
A few bugs that were limiting URL exclusion were removed and fixed. URLs can be excluded again with full functionality for the Online Plagiarism scans.
  • new

2015-08-035.1.4Share results on social media
We've increased the connectivity on offer. Users can now share their plagiarism scan results with friends, family, colleagues, or even with acquaintances on social media.
  • fixed

2015-08-035.1.4Online plagiarism detection improved
We are always trying to improve plagiarism detection abilities with new updates. Some minor tweaks were made so that the Online Plagiarism detection is more accurate and thorough.
  • fixed

2015-07-265.1.3Update crash issue
The software won't be crashing mid update anymore. Updating the software is important to get the latest features but some erors were causing it to crash and shut down. No longer a problem.
  • fixed

2015-07-045.1.2Halt problem
All issues with the program stopping mid work have been fixed. Hurdles in the middle of work are not the most favourable thing and with this update they won't be.
  • new

2015-04-105.1.1Exclude specific sources from search
A brand new addition now lets users exclude specific sources when running an Online Plagiarism Scan. What if you are scanning your blog site and the same site shows up as a source match? That would be an unnecessary match. With this update Plagiarism Checker X has allowed for more accuracy.

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