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Plagiarism Checker for Teachers

Plagiarism Checker X is a blessing for teachers and schools. It saves their time by providing a bulk comparison facility and quick online content checking service. Now, they can easily check plagiarism in assignments, thesis and papers within seconds. Plus, bulk search facility is another advantage, which enables crosscheck in one click.

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We value our customer experiences. The speed, accuracy, and easy user interface has made customers satisfied and loyal.

Solution for Teachers and Researchers

Teachers and academic researchers have a dire need of plagiarism checking tools, which could help them grade their students and also judge the quality of their work. They also need to have a check and balance on the quality of their own research work and academic papers.


For a tutor, it is even more important to ensure respect for copyrights. This requires them to check plagiarism even more strictly in their work than they do in their students' assignments. First of all, this plagiarism detector helps them in checking the originality of the research work. In a recent performance review, our tool was found to be 3 times faster, accurate, and least expensive than available alternatives.

Why we Call it Great

Teachers can perform a comparative crosschecking analysis to the assignments. The "bulk comparison" option helps them compare the papers and research work of the entire class relative to each other. This is a very innovative feature which saves a handsome amount of time of the teacher and delivers the result very quickly. If you are interested to know more about this, browse through the features section of the site.


The advantage of using Plagiarism Checker X is its ability to work in online/offline modes, though all features do not work in offline mode. However, you can cross check two assignments and perform some other tasks in offline modes also. Fourth competitive edge of using this plagiarism checker is that it provides detailed and in-depth insight on just one click. You can view and save the report on your machine.

In Budget

A comparative analysis into the subscription plans shows that Plagiarism Checker X has a great cost leadership in the category of online plagiarism checker tools. Instead of offering "pay per paper", we offer you a lifetime subscription, where you can make unlimited searches against the general payment of 3-4 papers' search.


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"Plagiarism Checker X has been designed in line with the feedback, suggestions, and technical feedback from the market. The speed, accuracy, and easy user interface has made customers satisfied and loyal".

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