Tackling Plagiarism

Most academic institutions today are plagued with the problem of plagiarism. With online resources being easily accessible, students tend to copy paste their work rather than rack their brains to come up with original copies. Be it reports of research papers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for academic institutions to ensure that there is fair play and students do not indulge in such tactics.

While the emergence of plagiarism checkers has enabled institutions to check students’ copies for plagiarism, a good plagiarism checker is hard to find. The result is that plagiarism is detected in some copies and not in others.

Plagiarism is a Dishonesty

An academic institution, to protect its integrity, needs to have a strong system in place and a no-plagiarism toleration policy. With better research comes better output and that’s where Plagiarism Checker X comes in.

Plagiarism Checker X aims to do things differently. Unlike conventional plagiarism checkers, we do not just come up with a result; we tell you the possible sources of plagiarism as well as the extent of plagiarism. What’s more, you do not need to login to your web browser for checking files, Plagiarism Checker X can be downloaded and accessed easily. Features like Cross Check will help you analyze multiple files at once while the simple user interface will ensure there is no learning curve as such.

No more spending thousands of dollars to check copies of students – as an academic institution, you can check students’ copies for free once you purchase Plagiarism Checker X.

Please read on to know the different features Plagiarism Checker X offers and how it can help your academic institution.