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Plagiarism Checker for Students

Plagiarism Checker X is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use plagiarism detectors on the market. With its help, students can easily detect plagiarism in their assignments and achieve higher grades. Download the plagiarism software today and enjoy online plagiarism-detection, website plagiarism check, and bulk-content scanning services.

Editor Reviews by Top Publishers

What Editors of leading software publishing houses are saying about our product.

Frederick BartonEditor at

PlagiarismCheckerX provides useful statistics, like the total number of matches, duplicate percentage and it highlights the matches themselves.

Francisco MartínezEditor at

Excellent two-panel interface for a clearer text comparison. Clearly highlighted matched occurrences

Cristina JitaruEditor at

Plagiarism Checker X proves to be an effective solution when it comes to checking and identifying identical content inside multiple documents.

We help students

Plagiarism Checker X is a blessing for students, who will enjoy the numerous benefits and advantages of this premium plagiarism detector. One of the key requirements for any academic paper, essay or assignment is that it doesn’t contain copyright violations and plagiarism.

Accuracy and Speed

A solution with high speed, accuracy and low-cost as compared to available solutions. This does not require them to submit their research work or assignments into our database. Here are some salient features of Plagarism checker X that can elaborate its uniqueness.

A Product, not a Service

Plagiarism Checker X is a product, not a service — we don't charge for each document you scan. Plus, your content is completely secure: it never travels to our servers. It is one of the best text similarity checker available on the Internet.

Comprehensive Reporting

With just one click, software generates detailed Word and PDF reports along with all statistics. It provides in-depth analysis of content quality and referenced sources, and it highlights copied sections. Users can also save the plagiarism checker x originality report on their machines to view it later.

Within your Budget

We understand that students are very conscious about their finances. Therefore, we are offering you highly reasonable packages alongside a free limited version. Pay once and enjoy a lifetime license. Subscribers do not need to pay for every paper; instead, pay a little plagiarism software price just once.


Unlimited Words Scans

Advanced Reports

Built-in Word/PDF Support

250+ Languages Support

More Accurate Results

Avoid Academic Penalties

In short, this easy to use tool can help you avoid the complexities of online plagiarism checking tools and academic penalties. There are universities where students have to face extreme penalties like academic probations, fines, and even expulsion. If the assignment violates copyrights, it can lead to lawsuits and criminal proceedings. Therefore, getting some reasonable plagiarism detector is very important.

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