Terms and Conditions

Software Usage

The "Plagiarism Checker X" software has been developed to comply with the needs of writers, publishers, students and teachers. The packages offered at the moment are not for a particular duration and can be used for indefinite time. Our free edition is for those users who wish to use the basic functionality of the software, or to test the product and make sure whether it is suitable for them or not, to their specific needs. After the evaluation, they may wish to upgrade their package to use the full benefits of the pro version. Furthermore, customers may opt for monthly or yearly subscriptions in future, based on their individual needs.

License Type

The “license” offered by the company varies depending on the type of its usage. License packages are distributed based on number of users and their needs. Therefore are segmented into Individual and Corporate categories. With further segmentation in the corporate category i.e. Startup, SME and Organization packages to cater to the specific needs of users. If you have purchased the software for individual/personal use, the license will not be eligible for corporate purpose and vice versa. Likewise, in order to use the software for corporate purposes, you need to obtain the legal rights to its use.

Software Price & Promotions

Plagiarism Checker X, LLC makes it certain to; offer and make available its products at an affordable price. The standard price of our products is available on the website. The company has the right to change the price or costing model of its products when required. On the other hand, Plagiarism Checker X, LLC occasionally offers promotional deals and specific bargains on its products, which you may find advertised on our website, as well on different discussion boards and forums.

License Upgrade

If you are a premium member with a paid subscription of an older version of Plagiarism Checker X, we can offer you a discounted license upgrade. In that case, you can get Plagiarism Checker X’s latest edition at a discounted price and keep enjoying its premium benefits.

Refund Policy

If you feel that the software is not delivering its results as committed, you are entitled to ask for a refund. Exchange or return your purchase within 10 business days from date of purchase. However, Plagiarism Checker X, LLC reserves the right to analyze usage pattern and product before formally processing refunds.


Only our business affiliates are entitled to right of redistributing the product, under the condition that the software isn’t re-engineered or any amendments aren’t made.


The content and software listed on this website are the intellectual property of Plagiarism Checker X, LLC and are protected by copyrights, trademarks and/or other proprietary rights under state and international laws. The company doesn’t warrant any individual or organization the right to copy its content or trademarks. However, if you feel that our content is violating any copyright issues or intellectual property rights, you are free to contact us anytime. Furthermore, any individual or organization isn’t allowed to use the content for commercial purposes without prior permission from Plagiarism Checker X, LLC.

Changes to the Policy

Plagiarism Checker X, LLC has the right to make changes in its user policies, as well as, within its products at any given time with or without prior notification. All policies will indicate the date it was last updated. We encourage you to periodically review our policy statements to stay up-to-date with any changes.


Plagiarism Checker X, LLC is not responsible for any misuse of its software and will not be liable for any consequential, indirect or incidental damages related to the use of its software. The company has employed its best efforts to ensure the accuracy of information provided to its customers, to the very best of its knowledge. However, there are chances of unintentional errors and omissions and we welcome you to report or suggest, if you find any issue.

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