Release Notes - Version 6

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StatusRelease DateVersionNotes
  • fixed

2019-11-196.0.11Default browser issues for external links
Before, the source links in the summary would open automatically in Internet Explorer. However, with the update, users can click on the external source links from the plagiarism report and it will open in the preferred default browser.
  • new

2019-11-196.0.11Remove search history
There is now an option to get rid of the search history from the dashboard. So, you can choose to either have a record of the plagiarism searches in the software or you can clear it away.
  • improved

2019-11-196.0.11Performance and dashboard statistics
The dashboard is a great way to get a detailed overview of your usage. Its performance has now been improved with better statistics like average similarity.
  • improved

2019-11-196.0.11Similarity results
A few adjustments and now the similarity results, meaning the similarity score, have been improved with better accuracy.
  • fixed

2019-09-106.0.9Exclude custom URLs
Having your own website show up as a match can be annoying when checking your URLs originality. With the update, issues with excluding custom URLs have been all fixed and it is working better than ever.
  • new

2018-12-206.0.8Bulk Search import URLs
Instead of typing out URLs or copying them individually, they can now be imported in bulk from an excel file or from the clipboard.
  • fixed

2018-12-206.0.8Side by Side Comparison highlights
Text similarity highlights in the Side by Side Comparison feature were acting up a little. The highlight colours have been fixed so documents can be compared for similarity and differences against with full functionality.
  • fixed

2018-12-206.0.8Save menu and export options
A few save settings and report export options were causing issues. Hindrances to the user-experience because of it have been resolved.
  • fixed

2018-04-266.0.7Bulk Search editor
The detailed view of documents in Bulk Comparison results was causing issues but not anymore with the new update. Bulk comparison documents can be viewed in more detail again, side by side, for compare and contrast purposes.
  • new

2018-04-266.0.7Application exit notification added
No need to worry about accidentally closing the application in the middle of work. The new update prompts to confirm if you want to close the software in case it was a mistake.
  • improved

2018-04-266.0.7Minor design changes
A few design adjustments were made to keep the application fresh for users. User experience is always important.
  • improved

2017-09-116.0.5Language translations
The multilingual capabilities were upgraded with few improvements to the Spanish, German, and French translation compatibilities.
  • new

2017-09-116.0.5Dashboard (reports and statistics)
This version comes with a dashboard full of useful analytics such as a summary of plagiarism scans in one place like the reports and related statistics like how many scans took place, how many words were scanned etc.
  • improved

2017-06-126.0.4Browser selection for reports
New options have been added, in addition to html format, to view plagiarism reports in the Online plagiarism and Bulk Comparison features. Now users can pick the browser of their choice to view or view it in PDF format as well.
  • improved

2017-04-286.0.3Reports and matching limits
A few user-interface improvements were needed in viewing the plagiarism reports. As a little bonus, the word match limits were adjusted as well so that the results are more accurate.
  • fixed

2017-04-286.0.3Start-up file not found issue
The application would crash and close during start-up due to a missing file error but not anymore. All start-up issues were fixed to ensure smooth operations.
  • fixed

2017-04-286.0.3Free edition termination issues
Our free edition is free forever but it was giving termination notices. That’s not right. All such issues have been resolved and the free edition can be enjoyed for as long as needed.
  • fixed

2017-04-286.0.3Navigation links issue in the report
Difficulties with viewing and opening the source links were fixed so all functions are now working at full speed. External source links are provided in the plagiarism report for the user to see where the match came from.
  • improved

2016-12-226.0.1Performance issues
A few adjustments were made to improve the software’s operation because smooth, seamless and better performance is a constant goal.
  • fixed

2016-12-226.0.1Full screen resize issue
Resizing to full screen wasn’t working properly but not anymore. Some layout adjustment issues when going full screen were fixed so that the application works easily in full screen mode.
  • new

2016-12-226.0.1Cross check URLs
The new version comes with all new features. Users can now Cross Check URLs in the Bulk Search feature options of one to many, many to many, and cross comparison. Don’t stay limited to cross checking documents.

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