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It is very important for an online publisher and website admins to ensure uniqueness of content on his portal. Plagiarism Checker X can work wonders by providing extended help to content writers, website owners and managers. It detects online plagiarism and can also help in content management process.


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Copyright Protection

Sometimes it is really hard to find if your precious content has been stolen by someone else. Plagiarism Checker X is considered one of the best copyright checker apps that detects text-similarity from over 16+ billions web sources.

Smart Tools

A creative content writer can see if the content is actually original or has an ‘unbearable’ amount of duplication. Plagiarism Checker X provides an in-depth report of the content to be published online. The bulk comparison feature is another blessing for editors/web content managers who can check plagiarism in multiple documents at the same time. There is no limit of documents, so you can search multiple assignments/blog posts in one click.

Product Not Service

If you conduct a comparative analysis of industry; it will be evident that Plagiarism Checker X has a great cost advantage. If we look at available online plagiarism checkers; mostly offer services on the basis of "pay per document". Contrary to this, users can also enjoy the lifetime Free version to test the product and You can visit the "features" section to know about utilities and benefits of leading plagiarism detectors in detail.

Ensure Originality

Uniqueness and ingenuity is what makes a brand different from the rest. If your content is similar to others or you are offering the same like XYZ; customers might not see the value. Even though Google doesn’t like websites to spin content from the competitors. To check the status of existing content on your website/blog; all you need is to paste the URL of the given page and click analyze.

The software automatically flips search engines and checks the result in leading search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Additionally, this helps in tracking if your published articles are being used by someone else.

Protect Your Brand

Plagiarism checking tools are not just a means to avoid any duplication; instead, they protect your brand identity too. If you worked hard but some copy/paste expert has presented your skills as their own; that can be a real pain. Therefore, you need a plagiarism checking tool to track your work and protect your brand. Being a publisher, you must be aware of the copyright infringement problems.

In simple words, it is a very serious issue from an ethical, legal, and corporate perspective. Even if you are publishing something that you have written from your own mind, it is very much recommended to take out a few seconds and protect yourself from any problem later on.


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"As a user, you are not required to upload your assignments and contents into our database; instead, the files remain with you. This feature makes Plagiarism Checker X totally different from rest of service providers in the market. So, Hurry Up! Grab a copy here!".

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