Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Plagiarism Checker X?

Plagiarism Checker X is a premier content scanning tool that helps users identify the level of plagiarism within their content. With three times the speed and accuracy than others, this desktop application has been benefiting its customers for ten plus years.

What is Online Plagiarism Checking?

Online plagiarism checking is a service provided by Plagiarism Checker X. Through this feature, users can check the authenticity of their content against 16+ billion published pages. It helps students, writers and researchers avoid any copyright violations.

What is Side-By-Side Difference?

Side-By-Side Difference feature allows users to assess their content side by side between two windows and locate similar content effortlessly.

What is Bulk Comparison?

Bulk Comparison is another unique service provided by Plagiarism Checker X. Users will find this feature highly useful when analyzing multiple documents to determine originality within single or multiple repositories.

Do You Save My Documents/Assignments?

No, absolutely not. Plagiarism Checker X is very different from other online plagiarism detectors that require you to upload your assignments onto their servers. In this desktop application, you simply copy and paste your content to let it analyze the authenticity of the same content within "16 billion published pages". So, the document is just used for scanning while it remains stored on your personal computer. Plagiarism Checker X ensures your data’s security strictly and ensures proper privacy. We strictly follow our principle of never copying, storing or selling any customer’s content.

Do You Check For Grammar Also?

At this moment, our services are exclusively focused on quality scanning of the content for plagiarism only. Plagiarism Checker X helps you write and submit original articles, assignments, research papers.

Is Plagiarism Checker X FREE to Use?

Yes, you can download the product and use its basic version for FREE. However, to enjoy all features and premium benefits, we recommend you to upgrade to the premium (Professional or Business) edition.

How Many Times Can I Check the Paper for Plagiarism?

There is absolutely no limit while using the "paid version" of Plagiarism Checker X. However, the free version might have some limitations and it does not provide all product features. For more details, you can look at our subscription plans.

Can Plagiarism Checker X Analyze Large Documents or Multiple Documents?

Yes absolutely. Unlike other available plagiarism checkers, Plagiarism Checker X does not impose any "limit" of papers or quantity of words. Be it simple online checking or bulk work, you can check a great amount of words or pages in one go. Though, if you upload more than a fair amount of pages, the software (as per logic) may take more time to process. Therefore, we advise you to check large assignments in sections or pieces.

Which File Formats Are Supported By Plagiarism Checker X?

Plagiarism Checker X is a very comprehensive tool as it’s compatible with a range of file formats. You can load all "textual" files including Word and PDF Documents along with many others formats.

Is Plagiarism Checker X Available In Any Other Language?

Yes, currently Plagiarism Checker X is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese. Also, availability and support for more languages will be coming shortly.

Which Languages Software Support?

Plagiarism Checker X supports content from hundreds of languages which includes almost all popular European, American, Asian, African and Pacific languages.

What Do The Various Colors in Plagiarism Checker X Highlight?

Plagiarism Checker X uses three colors to highlight the several levels of plagiarism detected. The green color represents a low level of plagiarism ranging from 0 to 10%. The yellow color represents a medium level of plagiarism ranging from 11 to 19%. While the red color represents a high level of plagiarism ranging from 20% to above.

How Can I Buy the Premium Edition of Plagiarism Checker X?

From our website proceed to the buy option or pricing overview page. Here choose the plan that best suits your needs i.e. individual plan or corporate plans. This will take you to a secure checkout page where you will add billing information and choose payment options and proceed to buy/subscribe to our products/services. We provide more than 15 payment methods including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express, etc.

Will My Credit Card Information Be Secure?

Absolutely yes. Plagiarism Checker X uses the best available encryption and payment handling services for all customer subscriptions. Alternatively you can also use PayPal.

I Don’t Have a Credit Card or PayPal Account, So How Can I Buy Software?

No worries. You can buy Plagiarism Checker X via Wire Transfer (Local Bank Transaction) or Fax Payment. Details for both payment options are provided on placement of order.

I Have Placed an Order for Plagiarism Checker X. When Will I Receive My Product?

Straightaway. As soon as your order is placed an email is sent from Plagiarism Checker X acknowledging receipt of payment, along with link for Download and Product Key.

I Still Haven’t Received Software delivery after the Order?

Usually software license keys are delivered within 2-3 minutes of the order. However, In some cases email ends up landing into the spam folders which is why better check your junk/spam folder. If you still haven’t received any email regarding your order, kindly contact our friendly support team.

Does Plagiarism Checker X Offer Bulk Discounts?

Yes we certainly do. if you are planning to make a purchase of 20 licenses or more, kindly contact our support team at