CrossCheck Multiple Documents!

Comparison of Documents is Easy Now, You can check multiple documents at the same time. One of the key distinctions of Plagiarism Checker X is that it not only works online but can also provide partial support offline. For example, if you are to detect two documents for duplication; the cross checking section allows you to see and compare multiple documents or urls relative to each other. This helps in checking if they have certain plagiarism respective to each other. The best thing about this feature is that it can work offline as well.

Bulk Comparison Features


When you want to compare a set of files A with a set of files B, to tell how much each file in the first list is similar to each file in the second this, then this tool comes handy. It allows you to batch-compare multiple documents at a time.

Grid/Tabular Results

The generated results of Bulk Comparison are displayed as a set of rows and columns. The [A] Source files are shown in the vertical section of the grid. While the [B] Target files are presented in the horizontal section of the grid.

Swap & Flip repository

Flip document feature enables you to swap the loaded data between source and target. You can check the change in plagiarism ratio by interchanging the source and target text. To do this, simply click on the blue-swap arrows in the middle of the text-boxes. It is a quick method to swap content with a single click.

Distinctive Similarity Percentage

To make the the visual comparison a lot easier and more cognition friendly according to the visual scientific researches, software draws blocks that represent the originality score distinctive to each file associated with it. This layout makes it easy to check the plagiarism ratio of every file with respect to each distinctive document.

Preserved Reports (WYSIWYG)

Bulk comparison report is generated in exactly the same layout shown inside the software. The consistency in the layout makes it more presentable and easy to understand. Hence guaranteeing What you see, is what you get!

Multilingual & File Formats

Software supports a wide range of text file formats to analyze. You can import documents in .pdf .txt .doc, .docx, .rtf. & .html and all many other supported types of ‘textual files’. Moreover, our software is compatible with all textual characters as it supports 20+ languages at the moment, we are adding more periodically.

Bulk Comparison in 5 Easy Steps!

While analyzing your documents or Urls in Bulk Comparison, follow these easy steps to check the similarity ratio between two repositories. It is very easy to follow. You can do this one step at a time.

Compare Two Documents

1. Select Mode
Load Two Documents Comparison

2. Load Source
Load Two Documents Comparison

3. Load Target
Two Documents Similarity Results

4. Check Plagiarism
Documents Cross Comparison Report

5.View & Export

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