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Comprehensive Text Readability Checker

Unleash the power of our Readability Checker to instantly analyze reading levels, extract keywords, and determine the difficulty level of your text. Try the Flesch, Gunning Fox, Coleman Liau, Automated Readability, and SMOG Indices now!

Plagiarism checker x offers powerful readability insights with analytics. These are calculated as per popular reading indices to show the text's Reading Level and Difficulty Level. Use these scores to gauge if your writing is appropriate for the intended audience. A high difficulty level may be suitable for a research paper but not for a marketing blog. Writing for the correct audience is crucial for increased engagement and better readership.

Improve Readability

Improve readability and engage better with your audience! Our Readability Checker is embedded cutting edge AI enabled technology and is the perfect tool for all writers. Whether you are a highschool student, in college classes, blogger, content writer, or marketer, assessing your writing is crucial for improvement.

The text is analyzed and the number of sentences, paragraphs, keywords, syllables, characters, unique words and a lot more is presented in a user-friendly format to give the writer an informed view of their readability. Not just that, get an in-depth look at the keywords frequency and repetition percentage in your text.

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