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Academic writing can be a tough and challenging task, especially if you are new to the game. College freshmen, high school graduates, or those just starting research positions may find it difficult to adjust with the different writing style they must adopt in colleges, universities and research institutes.

What is Academic Writing

Without going into specifics, think of academic writing as the type of papers and essays that must be written in college or those you see in research articles and journals. They are very well written and the common variable in it is that they are thoroughly cited. This is why it can be challenging because students are not normally used to citations before starting college.

Citation Meaning

A citation is one of the most important components in an academic essay. A citation in academic writing is the reference to the original source with information to find it through in text citations and full-length citations. The in text citations are the brief reference in the body of the text and the full-length citation is used in the reference list, works cited page, or bibliography that goes at the end of the paper.

A Citation Machine is your College Survival Guide

You are a freshman in college and have been told to write an essay with references and citations in a particular format. That’s a lot to learn in a few days before the submission deadline. Even later in your senior year after being fully accustomed to citations, manually writing citations or knowing the citation guide formats is time consuming. That time is better spent on proofreading for those extra marks or for other things in student life. Using a citation generator just makes sense, particularly one which is easy to use and comes with a full citation format guide as well.

Plagiarism Checker X’s Citation Generator Free

Manually typing in text citations, full length citations, footnotes etc. can be very painstaking and time draining. Plagiarism Checker X now offers a citation website. Students and other users can use Plagiarism Checker X’s citation creator for all the popular citation styles like APA format, MLA style, Chicago Footnotes, Harvard Referencing, and IEEE format. It’s not just a citation tool, the citation website also has citation examples to further elaborate on how to write proper and correct in text citations as well as full length citations at the end of your paper.

Citation Generator APA

If you have to do a citation APA style, it will be extremely simple and easy to use the citation machine APA by Plagiarism Checker X. Just select which source type like a book, journal, image etc. and fill in the information like the authors name, publication date and other necessary fields. Click ‘Create Citation’ and the in text citation and full-length citation would be ready to copy. No need to worry about the format and comma placement. It’s all set and done for you to easily use in academic writing to avoid plagiarism. The citation builder lets you do a citation of a book, citation for website, journal article citations, newspaper citations, report citations and image citations.

Many other citation styles are commonly used and our goal is to make the academic writing process easier for everyone as well as reduce plagiarism altogether. Plagiarism checker has a citation tool for all the major citation styles. You can choose anyone of them for your essays, reports and any other college assignment:

Citation Example APA

There will obviously be some changes with each in text citations. For example, there could be missing information or if you are using a different format than it may look completely different. However, the following is what a standard APA style in text citation and full-length citation will look like:

In text

(Jane, 2021, p. 89).

Full Length

Adams, F. (2021). Plagiarism Checkers in The Writing Process. Plagiarism Checker X. https://plagiarismcheckerx.com/blog/plagiarism-checkers-in-the-writing-process

Citations Avoid Plagiarism

How exactly are citations and a citation generator useful, though? You know that plagiarism is when the words of someone else are stolen and used as if they were your own. That means no attribution has been made through an academic citation. That is why citations are immensely important in academic writing and when students properly cite their sources, they avoid plagiarism and the consequences of plagiarism.

Different Citation Styles

Before creating a citation, find out from the professor or someone else who knows about which citation format you are meant to use in your writing. Different departments and subject fields may have their own preference. For example, the IEEE citation styles used commonly in Computer Sciences and APA format is often used in Arts and Humanities.

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