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"Frankly, we purchased it last year after I tried the free trial, and loved the features that it gave. We were looking for a software that can determine plagiarism from the web and among reports between students, and this software gave us both options."

Mouayyad Al-Azem

American University of Science and Technology (AUST)

"I like PlagiarismChecker X's deep searches and precise results. Also, I am pretty sure the program does not keep copies of what is scanned, which I like."

Adam Gandara

SEO & Web Entrepreneur

"Your product is as good as turnitin. It should be promoted on large scale."

Prof. Dr. Mudassir Asrar

Chairperson at Council of Science & Technology

"I tried Grammarly and found it a waste of time, I tried Plagiarism Checker and never looked back. Great service, quality Plagiarism check results, very clear and precise information. Used for checking my thesis and my daily university reports."

David Goddard

Student at Roehampton University(England)

"Found Plagiarism Checker X very useful. I did make an important project for university (which will be checked for plagiarism) and the application helped me to improve it a lot. I do recommend this software to anyone who has projects to check."

Cristian Epure

Web Expert Freelancer

"It has great features that helps the teachers and paper checkers. Highly worthy tool for the university."

Francis Wk.

Associate Professor at UOG

"Plagiarism Checker X helps me a lot to reduce the time to verify the information to avoid the classic "cut and paste" for the preparation of your documents, it is a program that has a great future for the help it is for us."

C.U Luis

Department of Legal Medicine. Law School.

"Plagiarism Checker X has excellent features, and it is appropriate for Students, Academicians, Scholars."


Associate Professor at Columbia Institute of Pharmacy.

"We had difficulty to check the level of similarity of scientific documents or articles that we had. This application is able to check documents that are quite long quickly, also display the results accurately with the sources listed on."

Prof. Arif Rahman

Head of Academic Affair at Malikussaleh University.