Plagiarism Checkers in the Writing Process

software in writing process


The writing process is complex and unique to each writer. One author may brainstorm all in their head without writing anything down but then produce a masterpiece. However, another may chart out a mind map of their ideas, research and potential paragraphs before getting into an official draft. While that is true, the writing process generally follows a similar concept and progression of stages. Those steps have much to gain by including software that detects and helps to avoid plagiarism. 

Planning and Brainstorming

Plagiarism can be avoided right from the start when the writing process begins in the form of planning, brainstorming and note taking. Yes, the specifics will vary depending on what you are writing about but the concept is the same. As a writer, the person starts with collecting information, ideas, inspiration, and other resources. In this step it is crucial to lay the groundwork for a plagiarism-free piece of writing.

Take Notes

Always take notes to keep a record of research material such as sources of ideas and information. This is a great way to avoid accidental plagiarism. Imagine, you make a great argument but then remember that the information used for it was from a journal that is nowhere to be found anymore because it was never noted down. For academic writing specifically, keeping notes and track of your research such as quotes, books and articles that are useful is extremely important. Without it, you’d be lost for citations. 

Also, thorough notes in the first step of brainstorming forms a really good base of research that helps to avoid plagiarism as well. Even more so, proper planning about how and what you want to write establishes good time management and that avoids last minute panic that can lead to forgetting citations or using someone else’s work. 

Writing Drafts

Next comes the process of taking the notes you made and turning them into substantive text. Meaning that stringing the idea together in complete sentences that present an argument, point, or story that you want to convey. This is also where plagiarism checking software comes in and can be really helpful. Different draft versions can be compared with one another. 

A Side by Side Difference feature can compare, contrast, and highlight the differences between two versions of text. That way, the changes made can be clearly seen to help improve the writing and the process in general. For instance, it can be used to see if any references or in-text citations were left out while writing in a panic late at night just hours before the due date. Chances are that there will be many rough drafts that need to be scanned and revised multiple times to get to the gem that is finally submitted. Revising and improving is all part of a well-structured writing process and with Plagiarism Checker X’s Side by Side Difference that becomes more efficient and effective. 


Text compare two documents

Proofreading and Editing

It is absolutely crucial to pay full attention to the last stage of the writing process. It can make or break the quality of the final product. A student paper or a poetry manuscript, both need a focused proofread session and multiple rounds of editing to put the best product forward. There are different elements to this stage. One type of proofreading could be for grammatical issues and the other for better syntax. You may even find some contextual edits to do while giving it a second read. 

The most important thing that comes up in this stage is that missing citation or chunk of text that you forgot to express in your own words. Without a good proofreading and editing round, silly mistakes and oversight can turn a good original piece of writing into one with plagiarism and academic misconduct written all over it. 

Protect your Words with Plagiarism Checker X

As part of this final stage before submission or publication, scanning a piece of writing through Plagiarism Checker X’s Online Plagiarism feature can be the perfect bow to tie up a week’s worth of effort. There is no point in leaving it up to an editor or teacher to get back with feedback on similarity scores or having to wait days to view a plagiarism report yourself.

Highlighted plagiarism report

Any text or URL in this feature is scanned through 16+ billion web pages and re-validated with the help of AI enabled Deep Search technology so accuracy is guaranteed. Also, with a rapid-action advanced algorithm the final highlighted report is produced within minutes with the source links and full URLs for the user to see where the match was picked up from. This can also help in finding the link for a citation if it was missed out in an earlier stage.

Writers, or any profession for that matter, would want to produce the best work they can. That becomes more and more possible by incorporating Plagiarism Checker X in the writing process from when that initial draft starts to right before it gets sent out for publication by writers or to a teacher for grading by students.  

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