Why Choose Plagiarism Checker X?

Plagiarism Checker X is the leading desktop application for the students, teachers, website owners, and publishers who have to detect plagiarism in their write-up. Now the question is, there are ample amount of software, tools, and plagiarism checking services available, what makes Plagiarism Checker X different?

The following points indicate the reasons why you should download and use Plagiarism Checker X. These are also competitive features that give it an edge over alternative solutions.

Desktop Application Not An Online Service

Almost all other solutions are just a ‘service’. Contrary to this, Plagiarism Checker X is a product, which is operated directly from the desktop.

FREE Version

You can see that all reliable plagiarism checking services are paid. What makes Plagiarism Checker X more attractive is the fact that it has a ‘FREE version’ too. Though, it has limited features but can be very effective for basic tasks.

No Per-Paper High Cost

First, you can download the product’s free version and use it. However, if your need is not fulfilled by free version, upgrade to paid subscription, which is extremely low-cost. We do not charge you per document/assignment/paper; instead, pay a little amount once and enjoy the premium software for the next 365 days.

In your Budget

An independent product audit shows that Plagiarism Checker X is three times faster and equally reliable than available plagiarism checking solutions.

Bulk Plagiarism Checker

We have a good news for the teachers. With the help of Plagiarism Checker X, instructors can crosscheck the assignments/papers/research work of the entire class to teach other. This saves their precious time from checking every item separately.

Online And Offline Modes

Your application can work online as well as offline. If you are to cross check 2 documents/assignments, the app does not require connection to the internet.

Detailed HTML Report

You are just one click away from the ‘detailed HTML report’. It provides in-depth analysis into the content quality, referenced sources, and copied content. User can also save the report on his/her machine to view it later.

Used by Leading Institutes

We value our users experiences. The speed, accuracy, and ease of our user interface have led to satisfied and loyal customers.

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Why Plagiarism Checker X is the Best?

It offers the best user experience with instant results and unlimited words scanning. You can not only check your assignments, research papers, books but also your web pages. So Pay only once and enjoy unlimited benefits for the Lifetime.