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Our free citation generator is perfectly suited for making technical IEEE format references. Use this tool for in text citations and reference list entries to write properly cited IEEE papers.

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How to Write IEEE Citations

If you are not familiar, IEEE stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The IEEE citation format, as you might have guessed, is used most commonly in technical fields of study like Information technology (IT), computer science, electrical engineering etc.

With this guide you will get a solid introduction and base to writing IEEE citations. You can use our IEEE citation generator as well to write technical IEEE citations for both in text citations and reference list entries. This will make writing IEEE pacers easier because you will have to spend less time manually crafting citations.

In Text Citations in IEEE Reference Format

An in text citation is a brief reference to the sourced material. It tells the reader that the piece of information was actually sourced from another place and was not the writer’s original creation. In text citations help the writer to avoid plagiarism by crediting the original author of the source.

Numbering IEEE In Text Citations

IEEE reference format follows an easy to remember numbering system. First, the number in text citation is accompanied with a full length citation at the end in the IEEE references page.

So, the first source you cite will be ‘[1]’, the second will be ‘[2]’ and so on and so forth. If later you cite that source again, it’s in text citation number will remain as ‘[1]’ because it was the first cited source.

Writing an IEEE Citation In Text

An IEEE in text citation uses the numbering format. You might have seen something similar to this in Chicago style footnotes. All you put in an IEEE in text citation is the number of the reference enclosed within square brackets.

IEEE In Text Citation Example
Imagine you are citing an equation that you used in your technical paper. You can’t write the whole thing in the argument so you will referee ot iw with a numbered citation:

“. . .the equation [2] solved the issues seen earlier by programers.”

How to Reference particular portions of an in text citation
One IEEE in text citation may have more than a single piece of information. Like it could have multiple equations, algorithms etc. There is a simple way to let the reader know which specific portion you are referring to. The key is to use the proper and appropriate abbreviations of the portion type. Here are a few examples:

Specific Portions Example

  • Equation: [1, eq. (5)]
  • Chapter: [4, Ch. 6]
  • Figure: [3, Fig 7]

Writing an IEEE In text Citation with multiple sources

Technical papers commonly involve collected information from multiple sources to elucidate a single point. The calculation bang made and the answer is produced could be developed from different data sets. So, you may need to cite multiple sources in a single IEEE in text citation. No stress, you need a slight addition and you’re set.

Multiple References

The general trick is simple. You have to separate the different references in the asme in text citation with a comma. Look at this example:

In text citation Example in IEEE Format:

Social experiments proved that it was easy to tell people apart [2], [3].

Consecutively Numbered References

If the references you are using in the IEEE in text citation are consecutively numbered then they can just be written as a range with a dash separating the first and last number. Here is an example:

In text citation Example in IEEE Format:

It has been demonstrated that humans respond positively to communication [5]-[9].

IEEE Reference Page

The IEEE reference page is where you put all the details and information for the full length citation entry. Remember that you only cite these sources here that were also used as in text citations.

Reference Page Format and Structure in IEEE Style
The IEEE reference page must go at the end and be titled ‘References’. As with normal headings, keep this one on the page’s top. An important thing to remember is that references in the IEEE references page are not organised alphabetically. They are organized according to the in text citation bracketed numbers.

Also, reference numbers must be placed at the very left of your page margin in a way that they are separated from the where the actual citation starts. The best way to do this is to write the number and then use an indent to separate the references equally and neatly.

Common IEEE Reference Page Examples

There are a few types of sources that are used often in any kind of citation style and this guide highlights the most commonly cited sources with examples to make IEEE citations easier. You can also take advantage of our free IEEE citation generator for making quick and proper IEEE citations in less time.

IEEE Citation for Book Example

[1] C. Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, New York, New York, USA: Cosmopolitan Book Corporation, 1921.

Online Book Example

[1] C. Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, New York, New York, USA: Cosmopolitan Book Corporation, 1921. [Online]. Available: Accessed: Mar. 2, 2021.

IEEE Citation for Website

[2] F. Adams. “Plagiarism Checkers in The Writing Process.” Plagiarism Checker X. Mar. 1, 2021).

IEEE Citation for Journal Articles and Periodicals

[3] J. Ash, “Findings on Equilateral Construction,” Journal of Housing, vol. 101, no. 4, pp. 2–14, 2013, doi: 10.1177/0004057420903266.

Helpful tip:

Sometimes, an article might not have a doi identifier but have an article ID. In that case, use that number in place of the doi number but label it as “Art. no.” instead of the “doi:”. If both are not available then you can just omit that information field for source citation.

IEEE Citation for Technical Reports

[4] A. Gueterres, “Report of the Secretary-General on the Work of the Organization 2020,” United Nations, New York, New York, USA, Rep. A/57/1, 2020.

Information Variations for Citation Source in IEEE Format

Multiple Authors Up to Six

A lot of sources may have more than one author since researchers many times work together. All you have to do is separate the different authors with a come and use ‘and’ before the final author. Here is an example:

Example of a book with multiple authors:

[5] K. Luis, E. Pen, and N. Gibson, Travels to the Forest, Camden, New Jersey, USA: Panel Publishing Corporation, 1956.

More Than Six Authors

[6] K. Luis, et al., Travels to the Forest, Camden, New Jersey, USA: Panel Publishing Corporation, 1956.

Shortened Months

For ‘accessed’ dates you have to shorten the month names when they exceed four letters. For example, June is fine but September would be shortened to ‘Sept.’ Here is a complete list:
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