Why Plagiarism is a concern today?

dWith the advent of computer-and-internet age, the information exchange has become immensely easy, fast and readily available. Today, we live in a world, where any data we keep, whether public or private, is prone to be hacked or plagiarized. All this has made Plagiarism a big concern for this age.Because it is beyond our control to stop people one-by-one from using our data that is residing online. And in this case, we are also unaware that we might be too attempting plagiarism for the sake of completing the work fast or to avoid the effort of creating original content from scratch. There can be several other reasons that can lead to an act of plagiary.

Whether you are a content-creator or a content-copier, none can dodge the tools and techniques for detecting plagiary acts for longer time. As the phrasal interpretation from one language to another is also one of the core areas of computing & translation algorithms. Therefore, we cannot expect to duplicate literary work in some other language. Because, sooner or later, we will be caught red handed. Technology, where fills our lives with ease everywhere, it is also beyond our control to eliminate digital footprints which we leave everywhere 24×7. Even if someones escapes the subject of authenticity from one source, there are several other sources that maintain digital trails of our work. So its wise not to mess with the technology and end-up being entitled as culprit.

Stay Authentic – Stay Original

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