Why Plagiarism is Worth Your Concern?

Plagiarism is badThere are many pitfalls to watch out for when you begin the journey of academic, creative or just general writing. Among other crucial errors, plagiarism has its own place and stands at the top of the list of things to watch out for when it comes to authenticity of the work one is doing.

What does authenticity mean?

We know that having authenticity in our product is important but what does it mean by having authentic work, though. When something is authentic it is genuine and original to that creator. If you wrote an authentic short story, it would be solely unique to you and your creative self expression as a writer. It will have a unique point of view, perspective and writing style.

For Content Creators

For a content creator, plagiarism is perhaps the most important thing to focus on because it can impact revenue, earnings, views, and engagement due to plagiarism and duplicate content’s role on SEO rankings. As a content creator, you must absolutely detect plagiarism in blogs or whatever else content being out out there on different platforms.

Another reason for plagiarism being worth your concern is that copyright infringement plays a crucial role when it comes to the integrity of your content as well as its credibility. These days plagiarism is being found at a booming rate and everywhere you turn there is a lack of academic honesty which is a threat to those genuine ones who put in the effort to create original writing pieces. No matter what type of content, whether it is your personal, legal, or professional work, it’s under threat of plagiarism any time.

Plagiarism is Increasing 

With every moving second, the growing internet increases the threat of plagiarism to another level. Take Google for an example, with just one click you can access information from any corner of the web in an instant. Information accessibility has been made an issue of the past because now access to any information is a matter milliseconds.

These changes and advancements in technology make it easy for any plagiarist to find your genuine, authentic and original work. After that it is a matter of copy paste for them to just plagiarize your work. That means the content which is formulated by the hard work of honest people who spend most of their time and energy to create masterpieces is stolen in a matter of seconds.. This indirectly violates the basic rights and principles of the academic, art, and creative community and it initially discourages the creation of good and genuine contents.

Real Life Plagiarism Example

Imagine you spent a month or two writing a research paper that involved painstaking and time consuming consumer surveys on top of spending tireless nights on your laptop reading journal articles. Finally after all that effort, the end academic writing product comes out of the draft phase and is published. A week or two later, someone else takes it word for word or uses chunks from it without citing you as the author. That means they took credit for all your work and are now getting the acclaim for it.

On every level, plagiarism is worth your concern due to reasons such as the ones you read. Also, countless other plagiarism examples that one comes across in their daily activities and student life or professional environment showcase why plagiarism is bad. One of these includes seeing the consequences of plagiarism and how it can involve a ruined professional reputation or a student who was expelled. At the end of the day, plagiarism is a crime that can cost you financial resources in the form of a lawsuit compensation. Not just that, Plagiarism is a crime against the foundation ethics of academics, creative work and artistic expression.

Protect your Work from Plagiarism

Knowing the importance of plagiarism, the importance of using plagiarism detectors becomes highly visible. They can protect your work against plagiarism by detecting similarity. With Plagiarism Checker X, you can detect plagiarism for free or use the paid lifetime license with unlimited scanning to detect pirated material and hence ensure 100% legitimacy and authenticity of your work. Plagiarism Checker X gives you the power over your authentic contents and it helps you prevent plagiarism before it happens. Get your copy of Plagiarism Checker X Now!


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