Adverse Effects of Plagiary

Plagiary Adverse Effects

Plagiary Adverse Effects

Acquiring valuable data is subjected to a logical, realistic and rational knowledge process about certain topic. Whether the data is collected from real market, process through qualitative and quantitative research methods and then applicable on practical and selective people to get feedback which is use to develop the new concept about selected subject matter. During research when we are stealing the words, ideas of other writers and authors without accepting their contribution and avoid the reference of their concepts in our research is called Plagiarism.


By doing so we are using their (other writers) words as our own which is against the copyright rules and considered a serious crime. Federal Government of United State has introduced the law on plagiarism. The law was established to define the rules of plagiarism also the penalties against its violation. There are a number of software’s are designed and available on internet to check plagiarism.


Adverse Results of Plagiarism

  • If the students are doing plagiarism in their assignments, they may be lose their marks or fail to get the high grades because the teachers are encouraging the students to write in their own words instead of doing plagiarism
  • Plagiarism is on professional fields may damage the career and the job as well
  • If someone is committed plagiarism he/she has to pay the heavy amount of fine or punishment of jail because plagiary is considered a official crime
  • Plagiarism is badly effect the position or character of student, professional and others
The Solution to avoid the adverse effects & score best is Plagiarism Checker X.

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