Why People Plagiarize?

why people plagiarize reasons

We all need to know that plagiarizers will always be convicted of plagiarism. However, what are the underlying reasons behind their act of plagiarism to begin. Knowing those could help in better understanding plagiarism too. Unfortunately, the grounds behind their act are hardly talked over and sorted out.

Reasons behind Plagiarism

Out of many, following are the possible causes that can drive a persons to plagiarize another writer’s work:

  1. Inadvertent Plagiarism : Mostly, people plagiarize accidentally and this is called unintentional plagiarism as well. They don’t even know that they are plagiarizing because they are not aware of the norms and standards of quoting other’s work or writing citations properly. The thing is that people lack knowledge about appropriate references. Plagiarism could be half evaded if people who write posts and research papers know when and how to mention the ideas and text that they had taken from other people.This is where a citation generator free could be of great help.
  2. Lack of Knowledge : People don’t know how to do the given job so they just copy-paste it as it seems the easiest option available at the hour of need and it seems like the best option because the others include confessing that you don’t know how to do the work. There are elements of embarrassment in that which may lead the person to plagiarize due to not knowing how to do the designated work. Not just that, some people even know less about plagiarism. They hear the word often and they also know it is bad, but still, they do not know what makes them do plagiarism.
  3. Lack of Time: The looming time constraint and deadline hanging over you, just about to fall, can make a student or even the best of writers feel that getting it done quickly through cheating, copy paste, and plagiarism is the best way to go. The last minute doers often choose plagiarism as their last resort in order to get their work completed, which is utterly not the best way to approach academic writing.
  4. Nobody is watching us: People also think that the originator of the content is unaware of the fact that his work is being plagiarized. Also, because of the internet, it’s much easier to copy and paste meaning that it seems easy to do the copying in a way that no one will find out. So it’s believed that out of sight-out of mind cases would be implemented here as well. However, original writers can check to see if their work has been plagiarized elsewhere with the online plagiarism checker free.
  5. Accountability: Due to lack or delay in jurisprudence actions against plagiarism, mostly people believe that they won’t be questioned for their illegitimate deed as “None of others were asked – so we won’t be either”. People, unwittingly, copying the works of others do not believe that one day the true owners would hook them.

Regardless of all those reasons, you never know when you’ll be caught red handed because Plagiarism Checker X is available now and educators, writers, and professors can check for plagiarism with it through the utmost accurate and detailed plagiarism detection technology.

Why Plagiarism is a concern today?

While the above reasons shed light on the general phenomenon of plagiarism and academic dishonesty, it is still not clear the despise so many efforts to remove plagiarism it is still too prevalent today.

With the advent of computer-and-internet age, the information exchange has become immensely easy, fast and readily available. Today, we live in a world, where any data we keep, whether public or private, is prone to be hacked or plagiarized. All this has made Plagiarism a big concern for this age. Because it is beyond our control to stop people one-by-one from using our data that is residing online. And in this case, we are also unaware that we might be attempting plagiarism for the sake of completing the work fast or to avoid the effort of creating original content from scratch as well. There can be several other reasons that can lead to an act of plagiary like the ones you saw before.

Combating Plagiarism to Counter Why People Plagiarize

Whether you are a content-creator or a content-copier, no one can dodge the tools and techniques for detecting plagiarism in use today for a long time. As the phrasal interpretation from one language to another is also one of the core areas of computing & translation algorithms. Therefore, we cannot expect to duplicate literary work in some other language. Because, sooner or later, we will be caught red handed. Technology, which fills our lives with ease everywhere, is also beyond our control when it comes to trying to eliminate our digital footprints which we leave everywhere 24×7. Even if someone escapes the subject of authenticity, originality, and academic honesty from one source, there are several other sources that maintain digital trails of our work. So it’s wise not to mess with and try to evade technology like plagiarism detection software and end-up being the culprit. Just as a personal tagline even, keep in mind to always:


“Stay Authentic – Stay Original

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