Why People Plagiarize?

Plagiarizers are always convicted  of plagiarism but the grounds behind their act are hardly talked over and sorted out.

Following are the possible causes that can drive a persons to plagiarize others work :

  1. Inadvertent Plagiarism : Mostly people plagiarize accidentally. They don’t even know that they are plagiarizing because they are not aware of the norms and standards of quoting other’s work.
  2. Lack of Knowledge : People don’t know HOW to do the given job so they just copy-paste it as it seems the easiest option available at the hour of need.
  3. Lack of Time: Deadline is about to finish in couples of hours? What to do? Copy-pasting seems quick and easy at rushing hours to meet deadlines.
  4. Nobody is watching us: People also think that the originator of the content is unaware of the fact that his work is being plagiarized. So its believed that out of sight-out of mind case would be implemented here as well.
  5. Accountability: Due to lack or delay in jurisprudence actions against plagiarism, mostly people believe that they won’t be questioned for their illegitimate deed as “None of others were asked – so we won’t be either”.

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