Why ♥ Plagiarism Checker X?

The all-in-one solution, duplicate content detection tool for researchers, bloggers,content writers, academicians, professors and gstudents.

We provide you most accurate results and never store, sell or share your data.

User friendly interface

What you need, is just few clicks away.

The interface of Plagiarism Checker X is super user friendly which makes customers love it more. The interface is simple and helps even the naive users reach their objective of plagiarism checking in the content. The interface is divided into sections which makes flow of control more smooth and flexible for the users.

One-time price plans

Pay once and enjoy our services for the life-time!

Plagiarism checker X, unlike other duplicate content detectors, do not charge its users per paper costs. Rather, we offer three different price plans for all sorts of users to choose the best according to their needs. Pay for our services once and keep enjoying the plagiarism analyzing features for the rest of your life.

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