Tips to control the craving to plagiarize.

Ever got stuck that plagiarism seems The Only Solution?

Ever felt desire to copy paste because of deadline pressure?

Ever go so helpless that all efforts are on deadlock?

Ever felt ‘this’ assignment or work will never be completed?

fIf the answer to above questions is a Yes. Then this post is for you fellows!

There are times when we feel so lazy or over-occupied that plagiarism seems the only way out. But there are some effective tips that can actually help you control the craving to copy!

There are no hard and fast do’s and dont’s to control the desire of just borrowing pre-made content. But these suggestions will definitely help you out from reaching the deadlock.

1. Acceptance!

Its good to accept that there’s work and you have to do it. One cannot live a life without any work. Its something very obvious. So accept the need of the hour and mentally prepare yourself to welcome the coming work.

2. Scheduling.

Do not go for strictly bounded time constraints as they are not much realistic. But do maintain a time slot defined scheduling approach. Doing literature review from sharp 2pm to 4pm might not sound very applicable. But planning to do literature review every evening sounds more realistic. Do not mind shifting an hour back or fro. But keep the time slot dedicated to its work primarily.

3. Preparation.

Luck favors the prepared! It is a good way to keep draft layout of assignment, home work, research work or any other pending task readily prepared. It reduces the pressure of layout formatting. And one can directly start from filling in the content into the sections of the previously made layout.

4. Do it in chunks! But do not stop.

It is very common that sometimes we just do not get ideas or lines to write. Its okay. Accept the fact and keep on trying a little. Even if you are not into writing bulk of pages. Do try to keep on moving and write a few pages or paragraphs. It will surely help as though you’re going slow, but you’re going!

5. Keep a notebook and pen with you.

Last but not the least, keeping something to write on actually helps you manage content for your work. Never underestimate the power of a pen. Always keep a little notebook & pen with you. You never know when you might get ideas or thoughts about your next chapter. Writing main points on a piece of paper makes easier for your to keep them in record for later use. It also helps in providing key points for bulk amount of data.

Hope these tips will help the readers in controlling cravings to plagiarize. Do share what is your best tip in comment box below.

See Ya!

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