The Psychology Behind Plagiarism.

The Psychology Behind PlagiarismThere is always a drive for everything, certain mental and emotional factors governing a situation or activity. Plagiarism is also associated to many such factors in reality.

All these factors might vary in situations and give different outcomes in various circumstances.But, all in all, if we can generally tackle these factors, we can make sure to be less-motivated towards copy-pasting.

This scenario works in dual mode. One is the personal psychology behind copying others. Second is, the third-party behavioral pressure we put on our peers to copy others.

Let’s take a look in detail at the Psychology Behind Plagiarism.

There are several reasons that can drive a person to plagiarize others work, for example:

  • Fear to fail
  • Inability to write-well
  • Lack of time-management
  • Pre-planning Weaknesses (Means you were not even planning before hand to complete this task)
  • Commitment Issues
  • Lack of Prioritization (You feel Xbox more important than XYZ-Work)
  • Disinterest in work
  • Unexpected assignment of work
  • Taking Plagiarism too light… and many others

While these issues arise from the plagiarizer himself. There are many other surrounding pressures that enforce a person to attempt plagiarism. We do not often feel it but we may be demotivating someone so much that they seek refuge in copying someone else.

As per the observations, it is also evident that lack of confidence or inferiority complex regarding ones own work can lead to mimic others. When one feel less or no acceptance of their own work, they feel more need to copy those whose works are widely accepted over the workplace. So, we should also keep in mind not to discourage anyone openly as it might do more bad than good.

Rather than saying, your work is bad or not up to the mark. Talk to them how they can improve. Tell them the tips towards good writing. Also, you can recommend them Plagiarism Checker X to analyze their work for duplicate content easily and accurately. This will surely help them in avoiding plagiarism.

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