The Severe Consequences of Plagiarism

hWe often take Plagiarism Acts too light to consider. But in reality, they are not at all to be just ignored. There are many areas where Plagiarism occurs.

But Academic Dishonesty are most widely known areas of Plagiarism.

Their penalties can range from mild to severe outcomes. Some of them are as follows:-

Low Grade

A Plagiarized act can definitely lead to low grades when considered by the teachers

Zero Marking

One’s intention was to complete the assignment with least effort and get good grades. But a plagiarized assignment can lead to zero marking.

Failing in Exams

Once revealed that the one is not the originator of the content and can cause complete failure to pass the exams.

Legal Actions

Formal and legal actions can also be taken against the plagiarizer depending on the severity of the case.

Revoking of Scholarships

The act of mere copy pasting can also question the abilities of the author and can revoke one from the scholarship as assistance honored with.

Suspension or Expulsion

If the case is severe, it can also lead to suspension or expulsion from the institution.

Surely, there are more punishments as well depending upon the case. But these were the most common types of consequences for academic plagiarism acts.

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