Research and Plagiarism


  “Research is the study of material and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusion”.

Research is conducted on various fields to gather information. The purpose of research is to obtain detailed information on particular topic or field. Research have two approaches, one is inductive and second is deductive approach. Inductive approach is based on the information of individual person and observation .The deductive approach is based on general assumption. Research is classified into different categories and the most important is qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative is a formal and objective process in which we use numerical data to gather information. The quantitative is an informal process, make analysis of data and generates the theory.


“Plagiarism is to steal the other person information and idea and show as your own work”.

The simple meaning of plagiarism is “cheating” because we steal other person point of view. In plagiarism we done this without the consent of that person who write the information. Most of the people are engaged in doing plagiarism in their work. The people done plagiarism because they like the ideas and information of other person and written in their articles without the citation. People do plagiarism on different can be intentional or unintentional. We avoid plagiarism if we cited the phrases that we steal from other person articles.

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