Avoiding Plagiarism: How to Protect Yourself and Branding Content 


User and Brand Protection

It is an established concept that original work that is free from plagiarism will always be beneficial over other works that have been copied. That makes avoiding plagiarism important out of principle, for the sake of your personal development, and for the sake of protecting your brand as well as the related branding content. Let’s explore these three things in more detail

What Does Authenticity Mean?

The authenticity meaning in the context of creating content, writing or in the artistic realm means that the creator is original and genuine. That makes their work genuine and original as well. If you think about it, an authenticity synonym is originality.

Authenticity has long been an existential and metaphysical question, but what the average man fails to gather is that the question of existential authenticity is not one simply for academic study but has great practical relevance, as well. This relevance exists for those seeking academic excellence, content management goals, and search engine optimization.

To be an authentic individual is to be authentic in everything that one does; the contrary of which is what the famous French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre, called to live in “bad faith”.

Securing Personal Development Goals

Why not work hard? Why not cultivate in yourself what you steal from others? Because not only is plagiarism an ethical crime, but also it literally gets you nowhere in terms of personal development. You might copy an assignment from the Internet and get good grades, but personally you remain at the same stage as you were before! You haven’t progressed! Taking the easy way out might seem tempting but in the long run it definitely will have its consequences.

Also, each original word that you write is like exercising your creativity and originality muscles. The more you do it, the better they’ll get. So, going that route of plagiarism will only work against from more than one direction.

Digging Deeper

Plagiarism, on the surface level, might look to be a trivial issue but if seen from this metaphysical perspective, it tells one of the psychological underpinnings that frame any individual. It is a sort of sophisticated lying. I claim to write something which I haven’t really; “stealing” somebody else’s words and calling them my own. Also known as “literary theft”, it is in many academic circles considered a crime. It is such a badly viewed practice that it can cost you the academic degree. With such severe consequences citing academic sources becomes non-negotiable.

Think about your personal development plan, What does it say about you, as a person when instances of literary theft and academic dishonesty are associated with you as a person, writer, artist? No matter what you are making, to the viewer’s eye it will reduce the content quality because of the lack of originality. What does it reveal about your psychological underpinnings?

Understanding Academic Personal Development Goals

To begin with, why steal? Generally, to steal an object presupposes that you do not have that object presently and wish to acquire it. Those who plagiarize normally lack literary and academic prowess but instead of facing the dilemma with honesty, they steal from others and go into a kind of self-deception. Academic writing will be there no matter which profession you get into. It is a core skill that will go a long way if you know how to do it well. Improving your academic integrity and academic writing skills should be one of the most crucial aims. However, with literary theft there is little that can be done for furthering that goal.

Think about this!

Those who plagiarize must ask themselves: what am I getting out of this? Why not become someone original rather than pretending? Why live the life of an imposter? Why not become real? Because at the end, it’s personal development that matters the most.

Developing and Protecting Branding Content

Now, moving on to the third area mentioned at the start; important of plagiarism in branding content. This is related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so, let’s start with that. Remember that at the end of the day, branding value and originality will be a couple of the most important factors in the mix of your business’ progress

Said briefly, the shortage of knowledge, capability, and skills regarding content creation as well as tough rivalry leads to subpar SEO strategy, branding strategies, and content marketing strategies choices. As a result, a fertile breeding ground for plagiarism with open invitations to all kinds of academic dishonesty will be created.

Think like an SEO Analyst

Not being aware of filtering methods run by search engines, like the search engine optimization on google, and the way it disturbs low-quality sites, SEO specialists or a content strategist will shortly get a flop performance. Google is a very good illustration which clearly shows how it can fight against plagiarists. Meaning that those with unoriginal or duplicate content will not get high search engine rankings.

What happens then, your brand value is compromised because it gets associated with copyright infringement, lack of originality and stealing the idea and work of others. It shows that your brand is not putting in the effort to create its own products, services, or whatever else you make. This also then impacts revenue and potential growth as an enterprise.

Taking Action for Protecting Branding Value

Today, there are many things you can do to fight against the issues posed by plagiarism in your content. It is necessary to take these steps if you want to protect your academic integrity and branding content. Let’s see how you can protect your precious content from plagiarized by SEO Plagiarists.

Administrative and Legal Action

You may report to web admins requesting them to take down plagiarized content a.s.a.p. If this technique doesn’t work, you can communicate with search engines companies directly asserting reasons for your claim and providing some specific details about your crook. A DMCA notice and its badge on your site will give you the legal upper hand to take further action as well.

Action and Protection with Plagiarism Checker X

In addition to other measures, use Plagiarism Checker X for better Plagiarism Detection with our deep scan that uses Deep Search technology that is powered by Machine Learning and a Rapid Action algorithm to bring only the best and most accurate plagiarism detection. Our website plagiarism checker will scan for all possible plagiarism in just one single click and will show in full detail where and from where there was plagiarism taking place.

The downloadable and highlighted originality report clearly indicates where that duplication was picked up and provides links to who and where its being used. Make a good relationship with SEO and maintain the integrity of the websites through availing Plagiarism Checker X – The Best Detector.

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