Prominent Research Approaches.

Research is investigating or discovering new facts and information for the advancement of knowledge. Research begins with a right question; about a problem, issue or a concern. It then narrows general questions into specific aspects, selects research design, collects and analyze data. After concluding, it then generalizes the findings to the world.

Two major types of research approaches are Basic and Applied.

1. Basic research is also called pure research. It includes formation and reformation of theories. It is used to acquire knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

2. Applied research is expected to solve critical and practical problems.

There are several keys of conducting research like, the person has a clear idea about the topic he’s going to explore. He has knowledge about the background of that particular market, have sufficient background knowledge and quotes complete references. But when a person doesn’t have his own ideas, do unfair use of other’s material and also fails to quote appropriate references, it is definitely plagiarism.

Whether knowingly or not, plagiarism is an act of presenting someone’s work as one’s own. It is a disciplinary offense and unethical act. The person may do it intentionally or by unintentionally.

While conducting research, plagiarism can be avoided by citing and quoting other’s material, citing one’s own material and by adding a reference page at the end of research paper.

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