Ctrl+C Ctrl+V = A THREAT

For authentic writers and genuine content developers the issue of plagiarism has been a huge head ache from many years. They always have a fear of their work getting plagiarized by any third party. Most people don’t even know that their work is being plagiarized by others intentionally or accidentally.

Plagiarism can be explained simply copying others work, idea or writing which uses some other persons contribution without his or her knowledge or concern. Its a crime to take over and use someone else’s thoughts, work or writing and exhibiting as own. There by plagiarism is an an action which is not that good for others achievement. Its even easier for people to copy the contents online, because internet makes it much more easier for a plagiarist to plagiarize authentic content effortlessly, but on the other side, internet has also made it easier to detect such plagiarisms.

Talking on about plagiarism incident. A German defense minister recently had to step down from his power, because he was caught in plagiarism. He completed his university doctorate thesis with 80 plagiarized content in it. Most of it is from other sources no matter these kind of cases are high profile in nature, even the song lyricist can be included in plagiarism laws, if he or she uses others content to promote their own music, recent case was with Madonna, a celebrity singer who was allegedly involved in plagiarism of her songs.

In order to safe guard ones own intellectual property Plagiarism Checker X helps them by making it more easier just by a single click.

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