Aim of Unique Content

Research in an investigation or study of the material facts regarding a specific topic which increase knowledge exposure of the specific topic. Research is typically used to develop further investigation or necessary study which is important for the exposure of the specific topic. Research can be made for many purposes firstly it is made to increase the knowledge of the topic and second is to apply the basic research to solve the problems of the specific topic or generating new procedures or operation of the topic.

Plagiarism is basically an illegal and ethically wrongful act in which one person steal another authors ideas, expression or words or publication and present their work by their own name and pretended to use their own work. For plagiarism they have to pay fine and penalties for steal another person’s work. If one use others work in their research they must present their name as a citation to show their work with their own name. There is also plagiarism if someone uses another authors existing work and presents it as their own new idea or steals another person’s new ideas. Plagiarism is not defined or punished by law and basically not an illegal act but it’s ethically an offense action.

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