6 Steps to Write Research Paper!

Six steps to write research paper


Since the human history is known, our species are motivated to express the thoughts via various mediums. Thanks to the advancement in the languages, we now have plenty of languages and very beautiful grammar structures to write meaningful and thought-provoking scripts.

Scientific writings hold one of the most significant position in these written manuals. And a research paper is one of the most common scientific text piece belonging to the science family.

The worth of research is clear without any doubts depending upon the quality of its content, organization of the material and its contribution to its subject.

Research is creating new knowledge.

-Neil Armstrong

American – Astronaut August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012

In order to write a quality research article that is worth your time, energy and resources, we have created a really simple yet clear 6 Steps Process Guide to help you understand the method and start-off your work with complete ease.

    • First things first, you need to finalized a bigger domain of your research i.e. your Subject. And then, narrow it down by picking up a particular topic in that subject area.
    • Every Research revolves around a research question which is basically your research problem to be solved. Select that one research problem which is unsolved till date, or has lesser effective solutions/results present at the moment.
    • In order to support your research question, you need to acquire data that will support your agenda regarding your research problem. So, keep an eye on peculiar details also because you do not want to re-do what is already done in a same way. Finding new methods to the same old things is also an good idea to propose novel research.
    • To avoid any factual or grammatical mistakes, it is a good step to review your content. One of the best ways to analyze your content is to have someone else review it for you.
    • Once phone with collection, analysis and shaping your content. Then discuss the conclusion of your research work. An easy way around to write summary is to expand your findings and contributions to your aforementioned domain. Simply explain what you have added more to the bubble of knowledge and how it is significant in your domain. It is also a good idea to state possible dimensions for your future work.
    • The last and probably a looped step is revising. The recommendation is that to take help from proficient people around you. We often overlook our own typing or grammatical mistakes; whereas if someone else proof-reads the documents, there are likely to catch more errors than the author itself.
    • Lastly, do not forget to acknowledge the people who helped you in shaping your content.

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