Information Accession

Research Information Accession

Accessing information is highly important in today’s age is crucial because everything from medical care to SEO writing is dependent on it. Its training starts early on in schools and universities through research. For that, we must know what research is in order to fully understand and employ it to our benefit. 

Research Define

The process of Information Accession and Research is a careful, systematic, and patient study with a thorough checking and investigation in some field of knowledge, undertaken to find or establish facts or principles. It’s true that you always need information from one source or the other in order to write about any topic in the world. This is true just as much for online writing like a video transcript as it is for a research report for an academic writing assignment.  

However, not all the information can be first-hand. This first hand information is also called primary research and may not be feasible in all cases. This is where secondary research from existing data sources is used. In academics, you are usually expected to support your philosophy with sources meaning that it must be demonstrated in the writing that research is undertaken to increase the stock and quality of knowledge including human, culture and society.

For the sake of producing good quality academic writing that shows a solid base of research, writing notes is important because they allow for the collection and analysis of the research material that is read by the author. 

Use of Research

Research and information accession is used to solve problems and develop new theories. Students can also use it for further information to prepare jobs or tests. Lastly, the primary purpose of research is documentation, discovery, and development. Also, keep in mind that there are different forms of research areas like scientific, artistic, marketing, social, technological, and more.

Research is Turning Issues into Questions, & Questions into solutions

Know you know that research and information accession Is a cautious and elaborate study into a particular problem, concern, or issue using the scientific method of investigation. It is a process of gathering information about a particular topic and fills up the research gaps regarding particular topics. 

Research Solutions and questions

How Does Research Work?

How is this achieved, though? It is best accomplished by turning the issue into a question, with the design of the research and the appropriate research by method to answer the question. Firstly, it is important to identify the problem through a literature review and mention the purpose of research. In these early stages, acquiring information and sources can be done via research keywords. A good base of citations, sources and research material is essential for the research validity of your piece of academic writing. 

Then comes making questions regarding the research topic that can help in data gathering and from there adopt a methodology for said data collection. Analyzing and interpreting the data comes next after which the writer reports and evaluates the research. At last, the researcher can communicate the research findings, possibilities and given recommendations for upcoming and existing researchers through a published thesis or via research papers in academic journals. What this does is provide sources for other researchers to fill the research gaps that initial researchers could not complete. 

Plagiarism is the Dark Underbelly of Research

Everyone understands that research is a great thing with many things to offer such as the advancement, progress and improvement of everything around us. Unfortunately, though, it has a dark underbelly that plagues research in many fields and geographical areas. This academic plague is  plagiarism and academic dishonesty. 

plagiarism detection software

Plagiarism Define

First of all, Plagiarism can be committed at different levels and it happens when the words of someone else are stolen and then presented as if they were written by the thief themselves. The more you use copied content, the worse it gets. A word quite often used with plagiarism is copying another person’s words but we must be careful when talking about what plagiarism is. Terms like coping can disguise the seriousness of this academic dishonesty.

Plagiarism is an act of academic identity fraud and literary theft, bth of which are very serious matters. However, plagiarism happens everywhere such as using someone else’s structure through changing words. Plagiarism also happens in making video, music, blogs, articles, and research papers.

Understanding Plagiarism     

Differently said, the exact representation of sentences that were once used by someone is known as plagiarism. It may also be considered as fraud or theft. That is why laws are made to protect the rights of the writers such as copyrights law which ensures the words to be the legal property of the writer. 

Plagiarism leads to the use of information or the data of another person. This is both right as well as wrong. Right only in the sense that someone can learn from information presented by another but wrong if that information is stolen and especially without permission. 

Plagiarism Example 

Imagine this, if the information being used is quite private to someone and another person used it for their own writing then this could be literary theft and academic fraud. The information of others is commonly used by someone else mostly used in the research process but that information is fully and properly cited. However, to use someone else’s words and information without credit and a citation and to mention this as original work is quite unhealthy and leads to serious issues and misunderstandings. Some of these include the severe consequences of plagiarism that can potentially cause a student to lose their degree and a professional to lose their job as well as receive a broken and ruined reputation. 

Avoiding Research Writing Struggles

Getting caught in a mental block, or the infamous writers block, is a situation too many have dealt with but all isn’t bad. Many have been stopped by it but have then overcome it to achieve great things. Whether you are working on any research paper, or you have assignments pending. Whatever work is to be done, it’s for sure that  it has to be completed and there is no other way about it. So there’s no point in prolonging it, right? It won’t be completed by a fairy godmother in the dark of night. You have to get up from your couch, prepare yourself a nice coffee and get to work. From the moment you start writing, with each letter the daunting nature of it becomes less and less to the point that it looks like a piece of cake. 

If you need some tips regarding completing the pending work, have a read of these writing tips

  1. Accept the fact that only you can complete your work, no one else can!
  2. The pending work can create havoc, so avoid it by making a dedicated scheduled time for the assigned work.
  3. The more you delay your work, the more you’re losing your holiday or off time. Complete it asap and get to relax asap as well. Trust me you’ll thank yourself for finishing it before the deadline.
  4. It’s okay if you have wasted time earlier, do not waste more, stop giving excuses to yourself and get it done right away.
  5. Set a reward and motivate yourself to complete the task. You can plan a dinner at your favorite restaurant, watch your favorite movie, hang-out with friends or simply sleep a few extra hours without any pressure.
  6. Cut-off distractions. Do not open any social media site or any other distracting source while you are writing your assignment. Complete it first and then continue with it.
  7. Seek help! There’s no point in being stuck. Ask a friend or a mentor to guide you with the writing expression. Rather than just looking at the same screen for hours and doing nothing.
  8. Do not go for manual reviewing, when you have Plagiarism Checker X. Use this amazing plagiarism online checker to analyze your documents and detect plagiarism in them. This will make your work quick, easy and accurate. And the best part is, you only have to buy it once. So, No Per Paper Costs. Review as many times as you want.
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