10 Reasons to Choose
Plagiarism Checker X Pro

The internet is swarming with free plagiarism checkers; a simple Google search will give you an endless list of checkers. However, with much trial and error, we have learnt that not all checkers deliver as effectively as they promise.

Plagiarism Checker X has some features that tend to stand out; accounting for its worldwide acclaim.

These are the top ten reasons that you should opt for Plagiarism Checker X. There is no doubt that the options are endless but the internet is swarming with malicious software that not only seeks out to harm your computer but also steals info.

Software that is safe, reliable, and efficient is of utmost importance.

1. Easy to use

The Plagiarism X itself is extremely easy to use and navigate within. Designed whilst keeping ease of use in mind; the checker has separately marked tools that are al easy to understand and use.

The availability of 7 languages makes it extremely user-friendly and accounts for its widespread use.

2. Content privacy

Most online free checkers do not ensure content privacy. Plagiarism checker not only ensures content privacy but also does not require users to upload their document to their database.

This is a huge plus, simply because, there is a risk involved with uploading confidential research onto databases that may be compromised.

3. Accurate

With an extremely competent set of tools, Plagiarism Checker X is extremely accurate. This saves time, effort, and embarrassing false positives. Some checkers tend to show false positives – meaning, they mark the non-duplicated text as a duplicate. This renders them useless for academic use.

4. Speedy

Faster than most online plagiarism tools, Plagiarism Checker X is not only accurate but also fast. This saves time not only for students but the bulk check feature makes mass checking a breeze for teachers and professors.

5. Makes citing sources easy

For students, the best thing is getting the actual source which makes making bibliography a breeze!

6. Comprehensive reporting

When checking bulk works, it is only natural to lose track; this checker provides colour highlighted reports with a side to side comparison

7. Build in SEO report feature

The built-in SEO plagiarism makes it easy for one to extract the main keywords. Moreover, the keyword analyzer also enables bloggers to check the exact density of the keywords. This is extremely useful for bloggers who wish to effectively optimize their content.

8. CrossCheck

Plagiarism Checker X works both online and offline. If a user needs to crosscheck documents against each other, no Internet connection required. Software processes up to 20,000 words/sec.

9. Tried and tested by leading educational institute

The list of academic institutions that use this checker only grows, U mass Boston and trinity college Dublin are some of the very few.

10. Reasonably priced lifetime license plan

Most plagiarisms checkers lack in terms of practically because of their pricing. For freelancers and academic content writers that use plagiarism checkers on a daily basis, per page pricing is not a viable option.

Your Data is Safe In your Device

"As a user, you are not required to upload your assignments and contents into our database; instead, the files remain with you. This feature makes Plagiarism Checker X totally different from rest of service providers in the market. So, Hurry Up! Grab a copy here!".

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