Key Registration Process:

After you have completed the purchase process and have received the receipt along with license details; you may then proceed with the registration to enjoy premium benefits.

Within the trail version, the application window displays an “Enter Key” tab. Click this option and a pop-up window (as displayed below) will appear. Here you can enter your email id and license code to complete the registration process.

Upon the completion of software activation, you will receive a “Congratulations” message and after the restart, all the limitations will be gone.

I have followed the instructions but the software is still not activated. Why is that?

This happens when your Windows user account does not have full rights. In other words, it doesn’t have administrator privileges. To solve this problem, you need to make sure that you are using Windows Administrator account or the account you are using has full Admin right. If you are not sure, you can run the program by using "Run as Administrator" (This option can be found in the right-click menu)”.

Note: You can also enter/change the product key using ‘Options’ tab of the software.