Understanding Research Basics

A process of investigation that is carried out in a systematic method is known as research. Another name of research is the art of systematic investigation. It is done in the urge of doing discoveries. Research consists of defining a problem or even redefining if needed, formulating hypothesis, collecting facts and figures, analyzing the facts and figures and concluding a result with respect to the desired problem. It may flow from general to specific. Collection of data is done by interviews, surveys, observation and questionnaires. The data maybe primary or secondary.


Research may be done by the following methods:

  • Qualitative and quantitative
  • Applied and fundamental
  • Conceptual and empirical

It is very important in decision making. Decision making may be done in an organization for recruitment of employees that suits the organization or in selecting the market for product development, determining the fluctuations in the consumer behavior towards a product etc. Research can be done in any field of study. Without research, discoveries and inventions cannot take place.

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