Understanding Research Basics

basics of reseearch

Starting out your student life in college and getting accepted into your favorite institute is a great thrill and honor. The freshmen year can bring many challenges, including academic research and student writing that you might not be aware of or accustomed to that concept to begin with in academic writing. Let’s get into it and clear things up for a good start and a solid base.

What is Research?

The research definition says that research is a process of investigation that is carried out in a systematic method. Another name of research is the art of systematic investigation. It is done in the urge of doing discoveries, finding solutions, and moving the state of knowledge forward. The research process consists of defining a problem or even redefining if needed, formulating hypotheses, collecting facts and figures, analyzing the facts and figures and concluding a result with respect to the desired problem. It may flow from general to specific. Collection of data is done by interviews, surveys, observation and questionnaires. The data may be primary or secondary. Saying it briefly, there are many aspects and areas of the field of research that can be explored at great length.

Research may be done by the following methods:

  • Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research
  • Applied Research and Fundamental Research
  • Conceptual Research and Empirical Research
  • Primary Research and Secondary Research

Outside of the academic environment, research come in handy in everyday decision making as well. Even more than that, decision making may be done in an organization for recruitment of employees that suits the organization or in selecting the market for product development, determining the fluctuations in the consumer behavior towards a product etc. Research can be done in any field of study. Without research, discoveries and inventions cannot take place and any sort of progress, regardless of the industry or environment, will get hindered.

Elements in Research

research papers analysis

The research process does take a definite shape but it might differ for each researcher. Academic writing is fairly dynamic when it comes to how each person approaches it. Some may start with notes while others may try to generate a rudimentary hypothesis relevant to their research fields. From then they move to first picking the research method or may move to a cursory research keywords search first. Here are some other salient features that you’ll witness n research as well:

  • Talk about work with different understudies and researchers.
  • Get guidance on data sources from different students
  • Work in a gathering when advised to do as such by your teacher.
  • Seek help from the mature professionals in the field.

What to do in searching content for research?

searching content tips

When you start research, it’ll become evident that searching and particularly research is testing, fact finding, inspect, explore, review and the examination of something to then reach a conclusion. Know that research is a process in which a person selects a problem or issue and finds the solution of that problem and finding answers of question by doing detailed study of the problem and its factors and then making a decision.

All that can be tough and broad. Research can be about any factor and any issue but the core aim in research is to find the cure of the problem. For example, when we review the GDP of USA, Africa, Azerbaijan, or Pakistan, we have to find the answers of questions such as what factors impact the economic indicator and explore the topic further for more details.

Purpose of Research and Examples

Purpose of Research

Now we finally move on to the purpose of research and some examples that may illustrate the point. Let’s start of wit the example and the research purpose may become evident from that itself

Research Example: I saw two parrots are sitting in a cage and the door was also unlocked. One parrot was walking inside and outside the cage freely but the other parrot was trembling and sitting silently. So I feel interested to know what the reason behind this difference in attitude and behavior is and for that further exploration thorough research would be required.

Purpose of research:The main purpose of the research is to understand and think about the issues and study thoroughly on it. Observe the people how they think and behave. Also observe the environment which in this case would be to find why one parrot was more extroverted and happy to walk outside the open cage while the other seemed almost fearful and panic stricken.

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