Plagiarism Detection Dilemma

The exact representation of sentences that were once used by someone is known as plagiarism. Plagiarism may also be considered as fraud or theft. Laws are made to protect the rights of the writers such as copyrights law and ensures the words to be the legal property of the writer. Plagiarism may be in any field like poetry, novels, articles, art pieces, music etc.

This is lead to use the information or the data of another person. This is both right as well as wrong. Right is sense that other will get the help from our knowledge but wrong for using information without our permission. If the information is quit private and another person used it’ this refers to fraud. This mostly used in research process because one’s solution is checked by some other’s point of view. But to mention this as their own effort this is quit unhealthy and lead to serious issues and misunderstandings.

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