Easy ways to get rid of Plagiarism or Copied Content!

Research is conducted to gain knowledge or uncover facts about a certain issue, problem or topic in a systematic way .Research helps us to solicit information through already established knowledge which is being available to us from a variety of ways. As far as plagiarism is concerned, it occurs when we find out and solicit information and ideas from different sources and try to present such information and ideas in our name rather than giving credit to the person who first provided and presented it. It is a crime as it is subject to stealing intellectual property belonging to someone else. It can be avoided following different ways.

  • One way to avoid plagiarism is done by applying a certain technique like paraphrasing which is the information we gained from a certain source can be used by presenting it in our own words without exactly copying it, rephrasing it that reflects the meaning .
  • Second way is citing which is done to avoid plagiarism. The information we solicited from a certain source can be presented by acknowledging the source in a proper way, means giving credit to the original source we gained idea from by citing the source along with it.
  • Third way to avoid plagiarism  is quoting, using the source exactly as it is in inverted commas by way of quoting  along with mentioning the author’s name.
  • Fourth way to avoid plagiarism is referencing, which is done by including a reference page in which author’s name , publishing date,title and source is mentioned.

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