What is Privacy

What is content privacy?

We often see the issue of content privacy being brought up when discussing the best plagiarism checkers.

Content privacy is essentially the policy of an application, organization, software or individual that deal with the data that can be shared with third parties.

When discussing plagiarism checkers, content privacy is the policy of a checker that determines whether your data/content is stored in their system and shared with third-party applications/organizations/individuals.

More often than not most mainstream plagiarism checkers store a user’s data and content without their knowledge.

Dangers of using plagiarism checker tools that do not ensure data privacy:

WeThough most users are unaware of such data privacy clauses, they are, in fact, extremely vital for people who wish to publish their papers or individuals who hold positions in academic institutions.

The dangers of using free plagiarisms checkers that share your data with third parties are:

1. False positives: If you’ve run your content through a checker that stores data, chances of your content being flagged as plagiarized are much higher than if you had used a plagiarism tool that does not store your data.

2. Data sensitivity: Sometimes, the data that you’re running through the free plagiarisms checker is sensitive and confidential. In times like these, it is essential that your data is not being stored in any databases nor is it shared with malicious third parties.

3. Tricked into waiving rights to your own content: By using online plagiarism tools that do not ensure data privacy, we may be tricked into waiving the rights to our own work. This is not only extremely frustrating but also dangerous for anyone who wants to use their work for research papers and get them submitted for awards etc.

4. Selling essays to third parties: Plagiarism checking tools that are free, sometimes, use the data they have stored from their users and sell this data to third parties. This data that can be anything ranging from research papers, to academic dissertations to content can be sold to buyers that can then pose the content as their own.

Importance of privacy practices:

Plagiarism Checker X does not require users to store their data. Additionally, their privacy policy statements ensure that no data collected will be stored in their databases and shared with third parties. Moreover, they also ensure that no data will be sold to any individuals or organizations. Therefore, ensuring that you keep the rights to your work and property.

Benefits of Plagiarism Checker Xs' privacy policy:

•   Stress-free usage

•   No date upload required

•   Lifetime license guarantees safe and secure checking

•   No data sold to thirst parties

•   No data stored in computer databases.

We tend to undermine the importance of data privacy policy, sometimes we may not even be aware that our work is being sold off to third parties that are posing it as their own.

It is essential to only use plagiarism checker tools – free or not, that ensure safe and secure data upload.

Awards & Certifications

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