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Checking your writing with full protection has never been this easier. Instant text similarity check with high speed and accuracy is now at your fingertips. A website owner can also use the “check your webpages” option to check the quality of the website’s content in just one click.

One Click Action

Simply load the document in the software and hit analyze button. Software will compare your content against billions of open-source contents available publicly over the internet.

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Intuitive Reports

The visually appealing and easy-to-understand layout of the report makes it easier to pick similarity sources in just a glance with an option to export the reports in Word, PDF and more.

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Simple and Secure

You can find existence of your content over the web. It is for Teachers, Students, Publishers. Plagiarism is a constant headache for students, teachers, web content writers, website admins, and online publishers. With the availability of resources online, the trend of copy/paste has been growing. This is not only against professional ethics but also violates copyrights, which may result in lawsuits. Therefore, everyone tries to avoid being in trouble. With Plagiarism Checker X in hand, users can avoid such problems easily.

Features of Online Plagiarism Check

Data Privacy

Plagiarism Checker X fully respects your data privacy. All the text you paste inside the software remains undisclosed. As you know, this is a software not service: so you use it right from your desktop. The data stays in your device through-out the analysis. And is never stored in any of our databases. We will use this data only for plagiarism checking. You can read our privacy policy to know about your rights, in detail.

Deep Search Technology

Plagiarism Checker X is reinvented with the latest AI-Enabled Technology of Deep-Learning. It allows the backend processors to check even tiniest bits of data into all the online public content. Hence giving you well-tailored experience for best results.

Accelerated 2x Speed

Latest version of PCX is packed with powerful features. The performance perk of the new version is twice of performance. While you are scanning the document for Online Plagiarism, a rapid-action algorithm accelerates the speed. Giving you better experience with doubled performance. Enjoy the doubled processing and get faster results in just a few clicks.

26% Increased Accuracy

The accuracy potential is increased excessively as we have reinvented the core. This means pasted content is analyzed deep into granular details. Hence giving you better results. This allows you to furnish your content for a higher originality score. Consequently, more the quality, the higher content-demand it satisfies. To get your text spotted as more refined quality work, get the latest version now.

Categorization and Highlighted Reports

During the development of our ‘plagiarism checking tool’, we have kept ‘ease of use’ prior to everything else. Using Plagiarism Checker X is not just simple but also fun. The copied content is given a particular color, depending on the percentage of the duplication. Blue and yellow are bearable while red indicates an alarming situation, where removal is the only option.

Reach the Original Source

Plagiarism Checker X is the finest online plagiarism detector owing to its comprehensive reporting. We take you one step ahead in content scanning by leading to the original destination of the content. When you submit your written work for checking, it displays you some URLS that have the same content as your submitted material. This means, you can easily identify if the data is copied.

Built-in Word & PDF Support

Don’t have Microsoft Office installed? No worries at all! Plagiarism Checker X provides built-in Word and PDF Support. Now you can use this feature even if you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your system. The independent processing of the text without microsoft and pdf-reader makes it seamless to detect text similarity in your content.

One-Click Export Reports

After you analyze plagiarism, you can export the results as a PDF document or a word file. In case you don’t have Microsoft Office installed? No worries at all! Plagiarism Checker X provides built-in Word and PDF Support. You can use this feature even if you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your system.

Use Online Plagiarism in 4-Steps

While analyzing your content in Online Plagiarism, follow these easy steps to check your document for similarity percentage. It is very easy to follow. You can do this one step at a time.

Source Document

1. Load & Analyze
Target Document

2. Wait for results
Check Plagiarism

3. Get the Summary
Text Side By Side Comparison Results

4. View Final Report

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We value our users experiences. The speed, accuracy, and ease of our user interface have led to satisfied and loyal customers.

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"Plagiarism Checker X is an award-winning software. Yes, we dislike boasting off but happily share our achievements and worldwide recognition. The positive reviews that we have received from numerous independent, industry-related organizations and testing agencies are additional. So, when you download the software, keep in mind that the scanning capabilities and innovative features of Plagiarism Checker X have worldwide praise."

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