Getting inside Options interface

There is a dedicated tab of options on the main software interface that enables you to customize preferences. This section in on the right pane of the Plagiarism Checker X software allowing users to adjust the settings as per their requirements.

There details are given ahead.

  1. General Preference Section
    1. Disable Promotions
    2. We love to give our esteemed customers the best of our product. Therefore, we announce different promotions and news regarding our software periodically. Disable Promotions - options allows users to disable the notifications for latest promotional news regarding the software.

      Recommendation: It is recommended not to disable the promotion notifications to get the best of the software.

    3. Disable Update Notifications
    4. By growing needs of the users and customer requests, we keep on updating our software periodically. This introduces new features and functionalities into the software which allows the application to work better than before. These updates are automatically added into the desktop application after each auto-update.

      Disable Update Notifications allows users to disable the notifications for latest updates and software revisions regarding Plagiarism Checker X desktop application. Recommendation: It is recommended not to disable the update notifications for better performance of the software.

    5. Themes
    6. Shows 8 available theme colors i.e. Grey, Pickton Blue, Aquamarine, Red, Torea Blue, Olive & Skyblue. Users can choose any of the given colors according to their own choice.The selected color will be shown in combination with basic black/grey color on buttons, and other options etc.

  2. Online Plagiarism Settings Section
    1. Enable Colors Highlighting
    2. This feature allows highlighting of the text detected in the duplicate content check.

    3. Exclude URLs from Search
    4. This feature allows users to eliminate specific URL (Universal Resource Locators i.e. from their searched results. This option is helpful when the user does not want to include certain web links in their duplicate search results.

  3. General Options
    1. Clear Cache
    2. This option allows users to clear the cache data.

      A cache (pronounced CASH) is a place to store something temporarily in a computing environment.

    3. Upgrade Product Key
    4. By using this options, users can upgrade their license key. It is useful when users have bought a new license key or they are shifting to a new device.

    5. Save Settings
    6. This button saves the changes made in the settings.