What is Browser History?

In computing, when a web page is visited, it leaves certain data (images, HTML pages, cookies, etc.) behind and stored it in local computer cache. This process makes the webpage run faster for returning users and saves lots of bandwidth for both user and the website owner.

Drawback of cache

In some cases, if the local cache is not set to be updated more frequently, you might not be able to see the new changes to the website, until the stored cache is either expired or removed.

How to flush it?

Since our product uses, Internet Explorer (IE) by default to display the reports, all you need to do is open up Internet Explorer and go to the Internet Options menu, and there you will see browser history area. To Delete browsing history, you need to press the delete button and use the following options a shown in the picture.

Web Browser History

Once the desired options are selected, press the delete button and close the browser.