Group (Cross Comparison):

Suppose you want to cross check multiple documents content against several documents, then this is how Plagiarism Checker X can help you. This option is one of the most unique features of Plagiarism Checker X and is highly favored by teachers and publishers. As it allows for a fast and accurate cross-comparison of multiple documents. Meaning that teachers can check the assignments of a complete class in one go for any duplication issues. Similarly, publishers can make sure that their writers are producing unique content and aren’t copying from each other.

After the scanning you will be shown computed results like this. You can now easily verify that which documents are containing high plagiarism and which documents are unique. Also you can click on any box for a more detailed insight.

As mentioned, the bulk search is one unique feature of Plagiarism Checker X, which gives it a competitive edge over many other alternatives. The options within this feature allow for multiple functionalities and can be used in a variety of ways by different users. Either be it one to many, many to many or cross-comparison, users will find this feature very useful. Especially, people working with multiple documents.