Check Your Webpages:

With the help of PlagiarismChecker X, webmasters, online media professionals, bloggers and internet marketers can detect plagiarism in a given webpage. Simply click ‘Blog or Webpage URL’option. Once you have selected the particular option, paste the given URL in the window before you, and hit ‘Analyze it’. This featurewill check every sentence via search engines and will be displayedas similar to the screenshot.

A window will open that has a detailed HTML report of your intended URL.
Here, you can see the level of plagiarism in a particular sentence relative to the given webpages. You can easily check the original sources of the content. Customers can save the report on their machine to view it later. View all sources section will give you a list of websites that have the particular content. In the detailed content you can check every sentence by hovering your mouse over it.

View Summary Report

Save Detailed Report:

The report can be generated and saved by clicking on Save button. The report will look similar to the one shown the screenshot below.

By clicking on the view all sources users can easily identify all the web sources that have the similar content.
The ‘Online Plagiarism Check’ is the standard feature of Plagiarism Checker X. It is useful for all users i.e. students, teachers, bloggers, publishers, editors, researchers, online marketers and others. As it fulfills the basic need of online plagiarism detection for everyone. You can make certain that your content is unique and genuine, and that if any similar content is present over the internet or not. The search scans through 14 Billion+ indexed web pages, therefore the results are very comprehensive and thorough. Furthermore, the detailed report gives you a complete insight into any duplicate content along with providing all related web sources. This tool is also useful for webmasters to make sure that their web content hasn’t been copied or replicated by any other websites.