What is Words Match Limit?

Match Limit is the number of consecutive words you want software compare on each side. If you have set the match limit to "3", software will compare every “3” consecutive words against other documents or the results (in case of online plagiarism detection section).

The ideal words matching limit can be in between 3-5.

If you decrease the matching limit than “3”, software will catch every single word which is of course not plagiarism as it will include many common words. SIMILARLY, if you increase the limit more than usual, software won't be able to detect similarity until unless it finds such long exact same phrases.

Change Words Match Limit

You can change the matching limit i.e. the number of consecutive words scanned within a sentence for duplication, by clicking on the “” icon, located on the top right corner of the application window.

This will open up the following window:

Here click on the “+” button to increase the matching limit, or click on the “-” button to decrease the matching limit.

Note: By default, the matching limit is set at 3.