Online Plagiarism Detection

PlagiarismCheckerX helps students, teachers, and professional researchers to check plagiarism in their documents in a quick and accurate manner.

Side By Side Comparison

You can compare two documents side by side. Using this feature, users can check if documents have any similarity relative to each other.

Bulk Search

Teachers have to check assignments in batches and groups. This takes a lot of time and efforts on their part. They can scan the entire batch of assignments in one jump.

Updates and Options

Users can customize the way software operates. They can also change the word matching limit. In addition, they can get benefits of free updates.

Blog/Webpage Checking

Web content writers, bloggers, and publishers can use the same software to analyze content quality of their webpages and blogs.

Keyword Analyzer

If you are an SEO or web content writer, keywords are an important element in your business process. You can extract them on your desktop on just single click.

Detailed Reports

Detailed and comprehensive HTML reporting is hallmark of PlagiarismCheckerX. You receive reports with color highlights indicating the level of plagiarism.

Enhanced Compatibility

PlagiarismCheckerX is in English but it is compatible with multiple languages and file formats such as doc, docx, txt, PDF, and many more others.

"PlagiarismCheckerX is an award winning software. Yes, we dislike boasting off but happily share our achievements and worldwide recognition. The positive reviews that we have received from numerous independent, industry-related organizations and testing agencies are additional. So, when you download the software, keep in mind that the scanning capabilities and innovative features of PlagiarismCheckerX have worldwide praise."

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