Why We Copy?

Why We CopyWe often talk about What is Plagiarism, its consequences, its types and many other associated topics. But we hardly talk about the reasons behind Why We Copy?
This is a significant question, which if catered well, it can ensure prominent reduction in duplication-rate.
The reality behind plagiarism is the unhealthy or panicked intention to get more output with least or no input efforts. The vague expectation to get a reward for doing nothing or doing very little is the key element that leads one to copy material from a source and present it as its own. The attempt of Plagiary acts not only disowns the original content creator from the due credit but also gives temporary and false appreciated to the thief. Which is going to be of no good in future. Because, if one cannot write the chapter 1 of the book, how one can expect to write next.

Following are some of the reasons why we copy others work :

  • Temptation to rapidly complete your work
  • Pressure of deadlines
  • We feel the dish in someone Else’s plate is better than our own!
  • Lack of commitment to our own work.
  • Lack of motivation
  • Less or no source of proper guidance
  • Simply Procrastination.

While these are some of the many reasons why we actually copy others work. It’s better to admit that sooner or later, you will regret for being disloyal to your job. So, leave the couch and start completing your project or assignment right away!

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