Technology – A Privacy Breach

  • Consider to live in a world without being smothered by technology and social media.
  • A world where you are not surrounded by gadgets and tech devices 24×7.
  • A world where you don’t have access to the overseas habitants.

Weirdo! ! ! Right…

Today the available advancements not only give us ease of connectivity in space or in subaquatic world but also widens doors of millions of hidden incursion into our personal data mines. Now a days, the technology  is both an informational endowment and yet a menace to the seclusion of your unique thoughts and literary work.

With just one click, 20,000+ results  popped up on the screen in less than 0.1 seconds. Yes this is just a minuscule glance of the power of only one search engine i.e Google. Imagine of other means like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many where your single status or tweet goes viral in seconds. Even with hundreds of privacy counter measures, your data is not only yours once its uploaded. If so then how to preclude your work from being replicated without your consent or reference ? ? ?

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