Plagiarism and Personal Development

Why steal? Generally, to steal an object presupposes that you do not have that object presently and wish to acquire it. Those who plagiarize normally lack literary prowess but instead of facing the dilemma with honesty, they steal from others and go into a kind of self-deception.

Why not work hard? Why not cultivate in yourself what you steal from others? Because not only is plagiarism an ethical crime, but also it literally gets you nowhere in terms of personal development. You might copy an assignment from the Internet and get good grades, but personally you remain at the same stage as you were before! You haven’t progressed! Taking the easy way out might seem tempting but in the long run it definitely will have its consequences.

Those who plagiarize must ask themselves: what am I getting out of this? Why not become someone original rather than pretending? Why live the life of an imposter? Why not become real? Because at the end, its Personal Development that matters the most.

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