Plagiarism – A Psychological Burden

Though is seems quite easy at first glance to copy-paste other’s material, present it to your superiors and get fame out of it. But “Plagiarism” can bring more severe consequences to you emotionally than just the forged fame and false lofty figure.
Imagine you being the “Catchy Crook” in your institute or work place.

  • Everyone starts avoiding you.
  • All your colleagues begin to hide their work and projects from you.
  • You are not welcomed in group discussions.
  • No one bothers to give prestige to your opinion.
  • You are no more trusted by anyone.

These were just a few from many of the worse outcomes a plagiarizer has to face once his act of larceny is unleashed  in front of friends, colleagues, partners, superiors and others.

Do you wish to experience such vexing and unpleasant circumstances? Off course not. No one ever wishes to suffer from isolation after being rejected by his peers due to his unethical activities.

Its always a better option to put effort in the start and pen your own words uniquely. Rather than imitating others script and ending up in disgrace for yourself for the rest of your life.

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